The I Pick Rap by Hebron's 4th Grade

Words to the rap Bookmarks

Mrs. Bunyi--She is a K-3 Literacy Coach from Tennessee
Choice Literacy Choice Literacy is dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality resources for K-12 literacy leaders.
Daily Cafe "The Sisters" created a site which supports friends and colleagues all over the world who are implementingThe Daily 5™ and The CAFE™, or Classroom Design in their classrooms.
Beth Newingham site Third grade classroom from Troy, Michigan
StoryLine Online Stories told by famous people
Teacher Book Wizard--Scholastic
Tumblebooks I found this and I think it works!
Readworks Sara is very excited about this site---you better take a look!
Hebron's wiki
Reading Rockets
Teachers First Check out the Curriconnects section
Interactive stories
Fold PlayStudents can make a book with their own pictures!
external image pdf.png Reading Level Correlation Chart.pdfexternal image pdf.png cafe_cards.pdf

external image pdf.png Skip Reading Tonight.pdfexternal image pdf.png Interest Inventory.pdf

external image pdf.png This Year I Want to....pdfexternal image pdf.png genre-overview.pdf

external image pdf.png Venn Diagram.pdfexternal image pdf.png genre-graph-0-10.pdf

external image pdf.png I like to read books about....pdfexternal image pdf.png cafe_cards.pdf

external image pdf.png Reading Inventory.pdf

Example of letter to send home to request books, it mentions gifts.

Wordless Booklist
Lesson Plan example
Working with Words

Read at Home A to Z
Reading Comprehension Posters
Beanie Strategies